by forcedepiphany


Sorry all... have been busy with school, so haven't been able to upload a comic. Will try to do one this week. 



by forcedepiphany

Hello and welcome!

Bonjourno everyone! 

A comic has been a dream of mine, ever since I was this -----> . tall.

And now it's finally happening! And, it's happening the 'hip' way, via the internet.

Now, I know my drawing is pretty bad, but what's the internet for! No, not 'trolls' -.-, but 'constructive criticism'. And who knows, maybe I'll get some practice aswell!

I'll try to update forced-epiphany every Sunday. But, drawing, scanning ,colouring, and final touches all take a long time for a comic newbie like me. But, hopefully, I'll get used to it, and change the schedule.

Have fun

Alex Vladimirov

Oh noes!